Dear Loyal Night Heron Gallery Customers,

It was both an honor and a pleasure to provide you with exceptional, locally made fine arts and crafts over the past 12 years.  What started as a holiday pop up in 2011, turned into the artist owned and operated cooperative, Night Heron Gallery, a Main Street cornerstone for locally made work by over 20 island artists in a variety of mediums over the years.

From the artists who had the pleasure of providing you with our finely made, handcrafted work, thank you for your continued support!!  The Night Heron Gallery presented a diverse collection of art appealing to both tourists and locals alike and became a go to spot for island made items.  Know that It was refreshing to be the artists behind the counter, who handmade the items that you were mindfully choosing.  To see returning customers and welcome new ones gave us pride in hosting the island’s longest running artist owned and operated cooperative gallery.

While the doors are closing on the 58 Main Street, Vineyard Haven brick and mortar location, our local artists will continue to create and present our work on island.  Visit our ARTISTS page to locate the 2022 Night Heron Gallery collection of artists.

We are truly grateful to the island community, and the thousands of patrons and visitors to the Night Heron Gallery over the years.  Thank you! 

We would like to acknowledge all of the talented artists who participated in Night Heron Gallery over the years:

Ingrid Goff-Maidoff
Lisa Strachan
Diana Stewart
Kathleen Tackabury
Washington Ledesma
Beldan K. Radcliffe
Carolyn Warren
Nicholas Thayer
Ann Howes
Whitney Moody
Sylvie Farrington
L.A. Brown
Jeri Dantzig
Coco Paniora Salinas
Marie Meyer-Barton of Leather Treasures
Elizabeth Whelan
Rachel Austin Baumrin of Austin Desings
Taylor Stone
M-C Lamarre of BasketCaseMV 
Cynthia Pareja of Hypatia Books
Heather Goff
Paul Farrington
Gabe Bellebuono


“Pink Clouds” by Nicholas Thayer