rooster tile chilmark artist heather goff



Heather Goff Gardener Blue

Heather Goff Mermaid with Lute

Heather Goff Mermaid with Sailboat

Heather Goff Mermaid

Heather Goff Pig Laundry

Heather Goff

Hand made whimsical decorative earthenware tiles, by Heather Goff.
Working from her home/studio in Chilmark, MA on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Heather handcrafts each piece individually.  As with most things created by an artist’s touch and not machine, the mark of the creator is evident in the variations of glaze and texture.  Heather hopes that some of her creative soul and the joy she experiences making this work is captured in this piece and that it enriches your home and daily routine.