About Us

The Night Heron Gallery is Martha’s Vineyard’s only artist owned and operated cooperative gallery, featuring the work of island artists including Marie Meyer-Barton, Rachel A. Baumrin, Washington Ledesma, Cynthia Pareja, Beldan K. Radcliffe, Diana Stewart, Taylor Stone, Lisa Strachan, Kathleen Tackabury, and Carolyn Warren.

The gallery was formed in 2011, the ten original members came together to exhibit their dynamic mix of original handcrafted work in various media.  Their shared history together as friends and colleagues in the island art scene for many years lends the gallery a warmth and camaraderie that is easily felt by visitors.  You will find an array of creative expression in ceramics, photography, jewelry, fiber, paper, leather, bookmaking, decorative arts, painting and printmaking.

This delightful gallery is the only artist owned and operated cooperative gallery on Martha’s Vineyard. A unique feature of the Night Heron Gallery is one or more of the artists are always present.  Come in and celebrate the joy of Vineyard art!


“Pink Clouds” by Nicholas Thayer

 We are grateful for the contributions made by all our founding members, and wish to acknowledge the work of Nicholas Thayer, Ann Howes, Whitney Moody, Lisa Brown, Jeri Dantzig, Ingrid Goff-Maidoff, and Sylvie Farrington.