Ocean Vase3
Black nautilus web
Whelk anchor sm
Wave platter2
Vineyard Vase fence
Crab bowl web
Fern vase sm
Heron Lamp

Lisa Strachan

Fine Ceramics made on Martha’s Vineyard


Lisa spent her childhood living on Martha’s Vineyard in the 1970’s. The Island was different then, for example gathering wild grown food was considered a normal way of life. Only when she moved to the mainland did she realize taking a row boat out to dip net scallops then shucking them for dinner seemed strange to most people.


After keeping her hands in clay during time living on both coasts, Lisa returned to the Vineyard in 1995 and opened her own pottery studio. Her business has been growing ever since with devoted collectors and first time buyers alike. In 2010 she became a founding member of the Night Heron Gallery. Purchasing a piece of Lisa’s art does something extraordinary: supports a local artist with deep Island roots.


Find her online at:

Website:  www.lisastrachan.com

Instagram: StrachanDesign