Rachel A. Baumrin

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After 20 + years working in the building trades on the island of Martha's Vineyard and running my own Hardware Store for 5 additional years I now find my self reuniting with my childhood dream. I thought that I had lost the ability to fulfill my dream but I just had to learn to live first.

As a child I was always at the sewing machine making the next best thing for my dolls then it was costuming actors and actresses in the summers at Children's Theater summer program, where my mentor the director Mary Payne suggested that I continue in the art of costume design. I studied costume design for two years at SUNY Purchase but found that it was not the right fit at the time. I finished my degree at Hunter College in an entirely different field, graduated and moved to the Island permanently. I found that I had a talent with a paint brush and with the guidance of my painting mentor Robbert Schweir I was on my way to a new career path.

After 20 years of painting homes inside and out all over this beautiful Island I decided to make a career change. I opened my hardware store in 2008 and closed it in 2012 as the economy hit us hard. A year of soul searching photography, gardening and healing I found my dream again.