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Sylvie Farrington


Sylviebags are fun, different and one-of-a-kind . Since I made my first bag out of 1940's barkcloth in 1997 the response has been overwhelming. I love mid century fabrics, because they are very rich in color and texture and the designs are a great inspiration for me. Combining different fabrics in one bag and adding details such as fun zippers and buttons is what I like best. My sewing training in Germany combined with being raised in an Artist's home has given me a great appreciation for fine craftsmanship as well as a love for colors. I tremendously enjoy designing bag shapes that complement this wonderful material, producing each bag individually right here on Martha's Vineyard. I get inspired from many different places- noticing a woman on the beach with an interesting bag made from straw, or seeing a shapely antique vase at a flea market. I translate these images into a handbag later on. It is exciting and fun for me to design different and new shapes each year.I always strive to create a bag that stands out for its functionality, style and detail work. I work from an ever-changing stock of Vintage Fabrics. I have selected all of these by hand for their quality, design and intricate textures. The 1940's fabrics will not be available forever because the quantities are limited. During my 14 years of creating accessories made from barkcloth I have seen that the fabrics are in high demand and that finding them in immaculate condition is not nearly as easy now as it was in the 1990's. So get your SylvieBag while you can ! All bags are warranted against Wear and Tear for 18 months and dry-cleanable.